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Now in Sweden - Frederiksdal cherry wines

Published 2017-06-07
Updated 2018-03-02

In May Brill & Co visited a new partner – Frederiksdal. An impressive visit which really opened the eyes for us and we are now happy to present Frederiksdal for the Swedish market.


If you ever visited an Mikkeller bar you probably have seen the big glass carboys with Frederiksdal wines. Have you also tasted the wine you probably have, like us, been pleasantly surprised. Fredriksdal is an extraordinary cherry wine producer who produce wines far away from the sweet cherry wines that you easily associate with cherry wine. The wines from Frederiksdal are made from the sour cherry Stevnsbær which gives the wines more complex, deep and wine like flavors that makes the wines go very well with food and as aperitif.

They only use small, black Danish Stevnsbær cherry (referred to by fruit experts as the Nordic grape) is used in the wine production. No other berry or fruit juices. The cherries themselves are not suitable for eating, but they are, in turn, excellent for wine production with their sourness and deep color. This kind of sour cherries are found in several parts of Northern Europe, but the Danish berries are known as the very best. The location of Frederiksdal on Lolland’s westernmost tip, is ideal for this kind of cherry production. The sun is reflected in the sea, winter is mild and spring comes early. This all contributes to a long growing season, resulting in great the taste and complexity of the cherries.

At Frederiksdal they let the cherry wine mature in different ways which gives the wines their own characters. Pair the wines with food and find your favorite!

The wines are avalible for restaurants and will soon be able to purchase through Systembolaget.

Recipies for food pairng:  


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