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To Øl Mr. Series 2018

Published 2018-02-20
Updated 2018-02-21

/system/uploads/storage/article_image/asset/140/mrseries18_bottles.jpgTrodde du att du hade druckit alla ölen i Mr- serien från To Øl? Då är det dags att tänka om för nu kommer 2018-års edition. Ny öl, samma namn. All öl som kommer till Sverige släpps exklusivt för restaurang så håll utkik!  

To Øl Mr. Series 2018

Mr. Blue: Imperial Berliner Weisse brewed with Blackberries, Aronia, Acai & Blackcurrant. Sour-Mashed, Handsome, Balanced, Aromatic, Blue.       

Mr. Blonde:  Gose brewed with Vanilla, Peach & Raspberry. That's short for Peach-Melba

Mr. Brown: Coffee stout matured with Cognac Oak Chips & Cedar Spirals. Rich, Brown, Medium-Strong

Mr. Orange: Sour-Mashed Citra IPA brewed with Papaya, Mango, Apricot and Orange & Lemon Zest. Light malt profile leaving plenty of space for the hops and fruit

Mr. White:  New-England Style Grisette brewed with White Grapefruit and a solid amount of Wheat.


To Øl Mr. Series 2015-2017

Mr. Blue: A rustique Saison brewed wheat, barley, oats and rye and with 500 kg blueberries per 1000 liter! Complex and round with Belgian yeasty notes blended with the fresh blueberries that adds notes of the nordic forrest floors

Mr. Blonde:  This beer is a bright 6,5% Belgian IPA, hopped with Citra for that refreshing citrus bite, and then loaded up with Gooseberries to give it a grape like tart finish.

Mr. Brown: Double bock brewed with figs, dates, cacao & coffee

Mr. Orange: Imperial special bitter brewer with clementiner, tangerine and grapefruit.

Mr. White:  A double India Wheat Ale brewed with a load of crisp wheat malts and packed with american simcoe, mosaic and amarillo hops