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How to order

The way of ordering our products depends on who is ordering (consumer, restaurant etc) and the category of products.


It is important for us to be part of the international beer scene and make sure that Swedish beer of high quality reaches interested customers all over the world. Brill & Co handles most of the export from our Swedish brewery partners Dugges, Brekeriet, Electric Nurse and Apex. We now have export customers in twenty different countries anpel.d more are on their way.

For questions regarding export, please contact David Carlstedt.

Restaurants, supermarkets, wholesalers

We sell and distribute to restaurants, hotels, wholesalers, supermarkets etc all over Sweden. Are you interested in carrying our products you are welcome to contact our sales manager Anton Cohén. Our sales team is very competent in assisting with knowledge about the products and recommendations as how to match them with different dishes and putting together a nice assortment that suits your place and your guests. Please contact us for more details on how to get started.

Existing restaurant customers will soon be able to place orders through our web site. Please contact your personal sales contact for more information.

If you wish to email an order to us you can do it directly to your personal sales contact or to


Since Brill & Co is working with import and sales in a larger scale, we mainly sell to restaurants and retailers that then sell the products to the end consumers.

Most of our products are alcoholic beverages that are only allowed to be sold through Systembolaget for retail. That goes for beer >3,5% vol., wine and cider >2,25% vol. and of course hard liquor.


As a consumer it is possible to order most of Brill & Co's products through Systembolaget but the way of ordering differes a bit depending on if the products have some kind of listing or not. At first glance it could seem a bit complicated but once understood it works pretty easily. On each products product page you can see what kind of Systembolaget availability the relevant product has.

Fixed assortment

These are producs that Systembolaget carries in their fixed assortiment and thus they are available on shelves in the shops. What shops they are in depends on product category, sales volumes, local demand etc. It means that all products in the fixed range are available on the shelves in a certain number of shops but not necessarily in all shops. To see in what shops the product is available at the moment you can click the order button on its product page, which will take you to Systembolaget's website where you can see shop availability. It is also possible to order any product in the fixed assortment to a shop of your choice, whether they normally carry it or not. Each time someone orders a product it is also registered as demanded and if enough people ask for it it will qualify to be on the shelves in even more shops.

Temporary assortment

These are products sold in Systembolaget's shops during a limited time. One type is seasonal products like for example Christmas beers, that are available during a certain period of the year. Another type is the so called exclusie listings where Systembolaget purchases a certain number of bottles and sell them until they are sold out. These are often released in a limited number of selected store, so please look at Systembolaget's web site for the product to see in exactly what shops they are available. It is usually also possible to order them to your local shop from Systembolaget's web site. Since recently Systembolaget also has a special type of temporary listings for local products produced in smaller scale. These are mostly sold on the shelves in the shops closest to the production facilities but can often be ordered to any Systembolaget shop.

Order assortment

These are products that are available for ordering to your local Systembolaget store from Systembolaget's web site or shops. (Sometimes the products can also be found in some shops due to local demand.) Products ordered from the order assortment normally takes up to 8 working days to arrive in the store you have selected. If you click on the order button on the product page on our web site for a product listedin the order assortment it will take you to Systembolaget's site where you can make the order. All orders are registered as demand and if enough orders are made, the product can qualify to the fixed assortment.

For the beers listed in the order assortment there is often a requirement to order a whole case, to keep the prices per bottle reasonable. Some of them, often big and exclusive bottles, are sold individually though. If a particular beer is sold individually or as whole cases is shown on its product page.  

Private import

Many of Brill's products are not listed in any assortment but are still possible to order thourgh something called private import if we have enough in stock. A private import always has to go through Systembolaget, by filling in a request at their web site (or any Systembolaget shop) that they will forward to us. After that we will get back to Systembolaget and you if the product is available and what price it would be. The price that you then get from Systembolaget is including VAT and no extra shipping costs are added.

Often the products sold as private import are sold as whole cases but sometimes it is also possible to order seperate bottles, mostly for big and exclusive bottles. Each product page shows how many bottle there is in a case and if it is possible to order single bottles from the particular product.

A private import normally takes around 3-4 weeks but during heavy load for us and/or Systembolaget it can take a bit longer. This usually happens for example before Christmas and new year, as well as during beer festivals and other events when we are away from the office.

You can read more about private import on Systembolaget's web site:

Low-alcohol products

Some of our products are non-alcoholic or low-alcohol (beer up to 3,5% vol.) and thus are allowed to sell in food stores, cafés etc. These products are found a little here and there around the country. If your local food store isn't already carrying the product you are looking for, you could always suggest it to them and advice them to contact us to take in the product.