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3 Fonteinen


3 Fonteinen is a Belgian brewery located in Beersel. They have specialized in Geuze and Kriek, and they brew mostly classic versions of both varieties.

This Belgian brewery was founded in 1887 in the guise of a cafe and geuzestekerij, which means that Geuze was produced there by mixing old and new Lambics from other breweries.

In 1953 Gaston De Belder bought the cafe and geuzestekerij, and expanded by building a restaurant. Later on, in 1982, he gave it all to his two sons, Armand and Guido, who expanded even more by buying a brewery facility. Today 3 Fonteinen is one of few remaining geuzestekerijen. They are using some of their own Lambic together with Lambic from Boon, Girardin and Lindemans to make their Geuze.