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Brekeriet is owned by the three brothers Fredrik, Christian and André Ek. They entered the world of beer with the beer importing company Brekeriet in spring 2010. Even then, they had a goal to manage their own brewery one day. In 2012 their dream came true, when they brewed their first beer in Djurslöv, outside of Malmö.

Brekeriet is now a small craft brewery that has created a niche in the wild yeast and bacteria beers - something they are the only ones in Sweden to do. All their beers are fermented with the wild yeast strain Brettanomyces, and many of them are also secondary fermented with berries or fruit to further enhance the taste experience.

Brekeriet’s biggest goal and desire is to promote beer culture and make people aware of different varieties and quality of beer. They always want to deliver the maximum taste experience for both customers and consumers.