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Goldkehlchen is a premium, boutique cider made in Austria. They handpick the juiciest apples in Austria, especially for cider connoisseurs. Then they press them on-site and transform them into the best premium cider that Austria has to offer.

The company’s founders, Adam and Eve (well, Eva), met while studying in sunny Australia. They enjoyed a frosty cider or two, and wondered why their beautiful native Austria, which is full of world-class apple trees, didn’t produce any world-class cider. And thus the idea for Goldkehlchen was born.

They still thought the idea was pretty good the next day. So they set to work. Soon, they had the first tasting samples ready for their friends, who heartily approved. In fact, they demanded more. Since then, Adam and Eva have been the names behind the best cider that Austria has to offer. Made from premium apples, handpicked in Styria, for connoisseurs.

Unlike many ciders, Goldkehlchen don’t use concentrate. Instead, they use only authentic Austrian apple juice. It just tastes better.

What’s more, their apples literally don’t even touch the ground. They are handpicked, which means they retain their premium quality. Of course, no sugar whatsoever is added to their vegan cider – all the sweetness comes from their apples, which ripen in the sun over a whole summer. And that’s what you can taste in every sip.