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Poppels is a modern brewery with a historic history, located in Gothenburg. The brewery borrowed its name from the brewer Johan Casper Poppelman who lived during the 17th century. Poppels was founded in 2012 and is currently owned by 15 beer lovers who are deeply passionate in their quest for more people to discover this amazing beverage, preferably by making the connection to food.

Brewmaster Daniel is the key person at Poppels. When he is not in the brewery, he reads books or blogs about beer brewing. He is constantly developing new experiment brews, and since he is a perfectionist he often brews every new beer 4-5 times before he is content. In 2015 the production was moved to new facilities, leading to a multifold increased capacity. All the beer is since then also ecological certified.

Poppels carefully produces beer faitful to its style, balanced but yet innovative. The aim is that their beer will be characterized by knowledge, curiosity and love.