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Williams Brothers


Williams Bros Brewery started as a small family owned home brewing store in Glasgow. One day in 1988 Lady of Gaelic came to the store. She needed help to translate an old beer recipe that has been in the family for generations. Her goal was to recreate a batch of this historic brew to share with her family.

In return for the help she shared her recipe to Bruce Williams who was the one who helped her. Bruce chose to experiment further with the ancient recipe and finally created the beer “Fraoch Heather Ale”. When he was satisfied with the beer he started to brew it at a small brewer in Taynuilt. It was at this moment that his brother Scott joined. They continued the successful beer production with historical beers, made on including heather, elder and seaweed. These now classic beers are based on ancient recipes that give an idea of what type of beer drunk for hundreds - and in some cases thousands - years ago!

Williams brothers then decided to move the brewery to larger facilities and launched in a series of modern, personal and high quality ales, all made in a rigorous, artisanal methods. These attractive and youthful beers have had a rapid impact.

Today Williams brothers are brewing both historical and a bit more modern beers with personality and high quality.