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Dugges Mosaic Pale Ale 5,6% 30 l

Pale ale i Lush-serien, denna med fokus på Mosaichumle. Med Mosaicens komplexa men rena karaktäristiska smaker av mango, citrus, tall och örter. Hoppylicious!

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About producer
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About producer
Related information
Beer style: American Pale Ale
Producer: Dugges
Country: Spain
Availability at Systembolaget: Contact Dugges for information

Dugges Ale & Porterbryggeri was founded in 2005 and has ever sense been one of Sweden’s most exciting and successful breweries. It probably has something to do with Dugges constantly working on brewing beers that can bring new and exciting flavors to the world of craft beer. With a wide range of beers and personality, Dugges has also received a lot of praise and numerous awards. For instance, they have received awards for their beers at Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival every year since 2006.

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