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To Øl Atomic Dog 5,0% 44 cl

Producer To Øl

An explosively fruity psychedelic sour ale. With enough fruits to blast your tastebuds back in time to Woodstock, take you on the longest acid trip of your life, only to propel you into the future again, naked and reborn with no concept of time or space.

Red grape and Blueberry make this one bow-wow-wow blend of fresh and fruity flavor, packed to the brim with tarty goodness. 

Availability at Systembolaget
Temporary Assortment Local Small-scale (TSLS)
Release date 2020-10-01
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Availability: Short of stock
About producer
Related information
About producer
Related information
Beer style: Sour/Wild Ale
Producer: To Øl
Country: Denmark
Availability at Systembolaget: Temporary Assortment Local Small-scale (TSLS)

To Øl was founded by Tobias Emil Jensen and Tore Gynther who during their high school years were able to brew beer in their school. 2010 they brewed their first commercial beer, Overall IIPA, and it was a success. Today they work as gypsy brewers and has won many awards for their beers at contests like the Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival. To Øl aims to make great beer that are full of flavor and character and have gained a huge amount of positive attention for their non-compromises made with the quality brewing style. Their intention now is to brew the best beer in the world.

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