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Traquair House was originally a castle that was owned by the Scottish kings in the middle ages. In the end of 1400- century the king’s cousin, James Stuart became the first Laird of Traquair, and since then his descendants have lived there.

In 1965 when Peter Maxwell Stuart, the twentieth Laird of Traquair, took a walk among his 40- 50 rooms he discovered an old brewery apparatus. It turned out that in this brewery beer had been made already in 1566 and until the early 1800’s. Peter Maxwell got the brewery working again, without replacing any parts. The big copper boiler that was installed in 1739 (receipt still exists) is one of many things still used.

The brewing methods are based on old traditional crafts and Traquair House is the only British brewery that is fermenting all its beers in oak barrels. Today Lady Catharine Maxwell Stuart, Peter Maxwells daughter, is in charge of the brewery. She would have been queen of Scotland if Scotland still was a separate kingdom.